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Your Home is at risk if you do not keep up any mortgage or payments secured upon it!

You should remember that past performance is not necessarily a guide to the future. Market and currency movements may cause the value of units, and the value derived from them, to fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you invested when you decide to sell your units. The tax treatment of investments and pensions is not guaranteed and may change in the future.  

Personal pensions include “Stakeholder” as well as ordinary pensions.

Personal because they are yours and although an employer can operate a Group Personal Pension scheme the assets are yours and nothing to do with the Company, apart from them putting money in and doing a bit of admin.

If you already have “bits” of pensions, With Profit pensions, or think you need a new one you should read on.

If you can join an employers scheme that’s what you should invariably do rather than try and go it alone.

Pensions were supposed to have been simplified in April 2006 and it only took 500 pages of legislation on top of the 1,000 we already had to make them simpler!

If you have a question, call us, its much quicker than trying to explain every rule and regulation on this website.

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